Preserve and revitalize
the weakened and aging cells &
strengthen the immune system.

Melsmon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Japan, was founded in 1950, by Dr H. Yoshizawa and Dr Z. Kubo. For six long years, Medical Doctors, Pharmacologist and Scientists from the world re-known Tokyo University, and the National Research Institute of Tissue Therapy, conducted intensive research, development and rigorous testing to develop Melsmon Cell Revitalization Extract.

Melsmon Pharmaceutical was established in 1956, when the esteemed, Ministry of Health & Welfare, Japan, granted its full approval for Melsmon Pharmaceutical to manufacture and promote the use of this Japanese treasure.

With the advancement of Technology and Medical Science, Melsmon Pharmaceutical through its reinvestment in Research and Development, produced an improved formulation. In 1983, 27 years after the initial approval was granted, Melsmon Pharmaceutical submitted its products for re-evaluation.

Under modern rigorous and stringent testing methods, the products were scrutinized for their effectiveness, stability and safety. On 21st May 1983, Melsmon Pharmaceutical was issued a Certificate of Re-Evaluation to fully endorse the new and improved formulation.

In August 2001, Melsmon Pharmaceutical received an updated Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product (CPP), encompassing Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) Certificate and Free Sales Certificate (FSC), issued by the Pharmaceutical and Medical Safety Bureau (Ministry of Health and Welfare, Japan). This certificate certifies that the manufacturing process of Melsmon conforms to the guidelines as recommended by the World Health Organization. This certificate also endorses the medical efficacy and safety of the highly acclaimed Japanese product.Please contact:

Mr Souichi Ikegaya
Evaluation and Licensing Division
Pharmaceutical and Medical Safety Bureau
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
2-2, 1-Chome, Kasimigaseki,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan.